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DUI which can be expanded as driving under influence can be considered to be a severe criminal offense as it is strictly punishable under the Criminal Canada Code. What’s more to be surprised of is that in the city of Vancouver, DUI cases are actually on persistent rise giving a clear picture of the increased carelessness towards safe driving in city. But the case might not be as plain as it seems to be, because such cases could result from any reasons instead of just the driver driving under drinking condition. So it is very necessary to get hold of a wise and intelligent DUI strategies attorney who can understand the problem of the innocent driver and suggest him with ideas to prove his innocence in the court of law. It is only the DUI criminal defense lawyers who have the potential to suggest the correct legal representation to individuals who face charge of driving under the drinking condition. They hold the sole duty of providing initial consultations and legal solutions to people charged of DUI offenses for proving their innocent behavior or reducing their punishment which has been imposed upon them by the court on account of their mistaken harsh driving.

The main problem of getting trapped in a DUI case is that one has to face a very long trial. And in case one is found guilty at the end, then one has to also face a long sentence and part with a large sum of money as the penalty. The assumed faulty driver may be even charged with different acts under law of the Canadian court. Acts where he may fall victim to such laws are while driving under the influence of psychotic drug, influence of alcohol, driving after serious drinking, driving when one is officially prohibited to do so, rash driving or over speeding etc.
Several complaints exist which can be imposed on any accused individual for rash driving charges as well as DUI defense. The reason why one has to consider such issues seriously is because they pose the potential to wipe out one’s personal and professional life completely, thus giving rise to go through a series of court trial sessions and then either ending up in jail for a long period of time or parting with a large amount of money.