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Driving under influence abbreviated as the DUI consequences  as a serious criminal offense which is punishable under Criminal Canada Code. The surprising fact is that in Vancouver the DUI cases are on a continuous rise thus showing evidently the rise of prohibited and negligent driving in the city. However the rise in the number of such cases do not always indicate that the driver in under the influence of drinking, he may in many cases need the help of serious legal aid to signify his innocence and it is at this point that the importance of DUI defense lawyers come into picture. The DUI criminal defense lawyers offer expertise legal representation to the people charged of driving under influence in court of law. They shoulder the responsibility to offer legal services and initial consultation to the DUI convicts to prove their innocence or reduce punishment inflicted upon them due to rash driving.
A DUI convict once trapped in the DUI attorney Charleston has to face long trial, which in case proved guilty then the convict has to serve the punishment of maximum sentence along with paying the fine. A faulty driver can be even charged under different acts of law in the court of Canadian law. Some of such acts where he may  be held convict are when driving under the alcohol influence, or under psychotic drug influence, dead drunk driving, driving when is officially prohibited from doing so, driving while the ninety day admin suspension is active, over speeding or rash driving etc.

There exist severe complaints which could be levied on any accused for impaired driving charges and DUI offenses. The severity of such situations is that they affect seriously the personal and professional life of the convict. What is bound to follow is that the accused has to go through a series of court trial and then is either forced to face imprisonment in jail for definite amount of time or end up paying a handsome amount of money to the person who had to face loss because of one’s rash driving.